A Man With A Vision


“Alien” born in 1980s in America. The original company CCH (Colorado Custom Hardware) was founded by David Waggoner.

Like many great ideas “alien” started in David’s garage in Durango.

David envisioned a cam that helped eliminate the usage of pitons. The Alien Hybrid cams ability to protect piton scars and flared cracks not only made climbing much safer, faster and easier it helped establish “clean climbing” as the end goal and revolutionized the cam industry.

The result was the Alien product line, based on simplicity, usability and designed to allow the user to make repairs and maintain their cams.


“alien” After a period of inactivity “alien” was reborn in 2011 as part of thechrock group.

“alien” remains committed to working on the legacy and values of the brand that David introduced. Making the mythical “alien” by hand, with special care and check one by one to ensure the safety of all units.

The 3rd generation Revolution series of Aliens would make David proud and further define modern camming units.


We take very safety seriously, so the process of manufacturing the “aliens” meets the requirements of EN12276 and ISO 9001 to guarantee the quality of our “friends”.

The verification process begins with the reception of the semi-processed material. In this verification tensile tests of all the cable reels are carried out, as well as a control of each component.

During the manufacturing process several “checkpoints” are made to guarantee all of our production.

In the assembly process each wire is checked one by one with the welds to ensure the safety of each unit. That’s why we guarantee 100% of our manufacturing.

During the assembly our expert watchmaking assemblers check every part of the “Friends” and make sure that each unit is in perfect condition.

At the end of the assembly process, a mechanical strength test is performed in some of the units of each lot to verify that they comply with the established regulations. Further to the mechanical strength test, the fatigue test is performed where the shooter with more than 10000 cycles is tested.

From “alien” that’s why we are proud of every unit we manufacture and we love to know that their owners will live great adventures and are accompanied by their “Friends”.